As the temperature plummets, there is the potential for frozen pipes.  Let water run (not just drip) from both the hot AND the cold side of each faucet, not just during the night, but during the day as well. The lower the temperature, the more water you need to allow to flow through each faucet.  Even if your pipes are well insulated, it’s important to allow water to run.

 Andes Water District Rules and Regulations

Application for Water and Sewer Service

For Billing Questions please call the District Clerk at (845)676-4791.

Water bills are due on April 30th and October 31st every year.  These are a pre-payment.  For example when you play your bill in April you are paying through October 31st.

Sewer bills are due on July 31st every year.  These are also a pre-payment.  When you pay your bill it is paying for the full year.

2015 Annual Report Wastewater Treatment Plant

2013 Annual Report Wastewater Treatment Plant

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for 2015

Annual Drinking Quality Report for 2013

 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report 2012